Not everybody wants to Rent Christmas Lights so we have created 2 other options so we can provide the proper service to suit your needs. Read more as we explain...

Christmas Light Installation Options

Our most convenient and popular option for Christmas light installations is for home owners and companies to rent them from us. This allows you to put as many lights as you would like without the hassle of having to buy, store, maintain or even think about them. You literally respond to our reminder emails each year and then we handle everything and custom fit them so they look professional and work perfectly throughout the holiday season. However, by popular demand we have added 2 more options for having lights installed which are: Option 1 - Permanent Installation of Christmas Lights & Option 2 - Purchasing Christmas Lights and having us install them the first year, mapping them and sending you the pictures so that you can put them up & down each year on your own.

Christmas Light Installation Options

If you are wanting to have Christmas Lights installed and you want to leave them up permanently so that you use them year round and avoid the labour cost of putting them up and taking them back down each and every year then we have that option available for you. You just need to fully understand that there are also a few negatives to doing this.

  • The light will get damaged in a few years due to the UV light from the sun and they will slowly become less bright which means that you may need to replace the bulbs every few years. The problem with replacing the bulbs is that they are the most expensive part and each bulb can cost you around $2 plus it will take time and effort to reach every bulb during replacement.
  • Having lights on your place year round will make it more difficult to clean the exterior and since we highly value the benefits of a clean surface we often tell people this ahead of time to help them make their final decision. Soft-Washing your home will allow water and detergents to enter the socket of the strand and cause permanent damage.
  • Christmas lights look really good at Christmas time but after that they just look kind of funny. Now, if you are just leaving them up to avoid the "Up & Down" then thats fine, but leaving them turned on all year long is not recommended, plus it would be a waste of power and increase your electricity bill for sure.

After reading a few of the negatives that we have mentioned you should have a better idea if the benefits outweigh the negatives. If so, here is how we install permanent Christmas lights.

Our process for installing permanent Christmas lights: Option 1

We will measure all of the areas that you are wanting to have the lights and we will give you a "per linear foot" price. This price will include the price of the lights that you are buying from us, all of the plugs, extension cords, staples and clips that will be used. The only extras that you can consider buying from us would be the Christmas light timers and a plastic bin that come with ventilation holes and dry silica packs to absorb moisture. We charge $20 for each timer & $20 for each bin.

When we install the lights we will discuss with you if you want to have the lights all stapled or if you would like us to use clips on the gutters and shingle tabs on the peaks. Most of the time for permanent installs we steer you in the direction of having everything stapled. When using staples we will us ones that are longer and we will double staple each bulb so that they stay in place much longer that traditional methods. Remember, we want you to be happy and want you to spend less time worrying about your lights.

***This service also voids any warranty as Christmas Lights are sold as "seasonal lights" and are meant to be on a building for only a few months of the year and to be turned on/off daily. So what that means is that if you have issues in the future with the lights you will need to book us in to come out to your location for an inspection and there would be additional cost to have us perform any repairs or to replace components.

This is still a very good option and we just like to point out the things that we have learned over the years to cut down on any surprises. When contacting us for a quote you can get a price on any of the options that we provide which are Renting Christmas Lights, Buying Christmas Lights and having us put them up, or Permanent Christmas Lights where the lights stay up year round.

Our process for you buying the lights and having us install the 1st year and map everything for you: Option 2

Another popular option that we have is for you to buy the lights from us and let us install them for you. At the end of the holiday season you can take them down yourself and put them back up each year on your own. People seem to love this option because it allows you to have really nice lights that are custom fit to your house and done right the first time. With this service we will also include our Christmas Light mapping service which includes:

  • A few high definition pictures of the building or house with labels that show how the lights get installed properly.
  • We use coloured zip-ties to show where each strand starts and ends so you can easily re-install your light the exact same year after year.

With this service you will have the option to buy all of the lights from us, pay for the labour, buy timers and a Christmas light storage bin from us then have everything professionally installed which will set you up for success going forward.

These are two great options that you can use if you prefer not to rent lights from us. However, we do highly recommend just using our Christmas Light Rental Service as this is the most convenient and easy way to avoid any disappointment or potential accidents by installing lights yourself. The way that houses are being built these days is making it very difficult to reach those 2nd and 3rd levels. At Big Shot Christmas Lights we want to give you as many options as possible that make sence for you and for our business. Click the link below and get a FREE quote today!

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