These days you have the option of renting Christmas lights from professional installation companies. We break down the reason why so many people are choosing to rent rather than owning their lights.

Renting Lights vs Owning Lights

Only recently have companies started offering to rent their customers Christmas lights, wreaths, garland plus other holiday decorations and it seems that people are really liking the idea. There are several reasons why the idea of someone showing up with all of the decorations and lights, setting it all up and then taking it back down after the holidays plus storing everything for the rest of the year is appealing. Does this sound too good to be true? For many people, this is the only way to do Christmas from now on. Read more as we explain the pros and cons of "Renting vs Owning" Christmas lights.

Renting Lights vs Owning Lights
Each year the average person will spend money on buying new Christmas decorations for the inside and outside of their home or business. As the the years pass they will accumulate a large collection of items that will eventually need to be stored somewhere.
Blow Up Santa Clause from Canadian Tire

As the blow up Santas, elf on a shelfs and decoration collections grow and grow, the size of your storage closet does not. Before long you will have one or two closets in your house that read "do not enter" simply because if you open it up there is a good chance that boxes of ornaments are going to come crashing down and break all over the ground. This is why so many people are allowing professional Christmas light installation companies like Big Shot Lights to lighten the burden by supplying all of the Christmas lights and other "space taking" decorations like: wreaths, garland, lights, artificial Christmas trees and so much more. Businesses also love the idea of having everything supplied, stored and maintained by someone else. They simply make an email or phone call to Big Shot who books them in and brings all the goodies.

When you rent lights & decorations from Big Shot Lights you can rest assure that everything will be taken care of. We supply, install, take down, store and rent everything to you. Plus, we provide all of the items like timers, extension cords and clips so that we can custom fit the lights to your home or business for the perfect Christmas touch.

No more tucking the last 20 feet of lights into the gutter, or extension cords draping down from one level to the next. No more needing to remember to turn the lights on when you get home from work and off again before you go to bed. We will pre-set the timers to the durations that you choose ahead of time and keep record of it so that we do not need to ask you year after year. Another thing that we do is that we set up the timers in very easy to access spots so if the power ever goes out you can easily re-set them. If you are like most people and timers confuse you, then you will be happy to know that we have a simple Youtube video that will easily explain the steps to you. If you still have trouble then you can email or call us 24hrs a day and we will stop by and fix the issue. We are very vocal to let our customers know that even on Christmas day, if you have any issues, that we have employees standing by who would love to make double time and a half to come help you out :)

Owning lights leaves you at the mercy of installers who can change their price year to year or go out of business and leave you stuck putting up the Christmas lights yourself. For many of us this is not a big deal but for others there is just no way they are going to put lights up on their 3 storey house.

While the idea of getting outside and putting up lights seems like a fun thing to do the reality is that most of the time we get distracted with other things that are more of a priority. Eventually you make the time to hang up the lights, after weeks and weeks of the kids and your spouse guilt tripping you to get it done. Not to mention when you finally make time to get it done it starts to rain, or snow or even rain, snow, hail at the same time. On top of that, since it gets so darn dark, so darn early in the winter months you are stuck doing this on a dark, wet & cold night and this is where accidents usually happen.

When you own all the lights and decorations you end up spending so much of your highly valuable time setting everything up, taking it down, storing it plus maintaining and even repairing. We are not saying this is the end of the world. In fact, much of these activities are part of the Christmas tradition and lead to beautiful family memories. We are just saying if you don't want to do these task anymore for any reason that we are here to help. The truth is that many of our customers have told us that by eliminating many of the task of set up & take down it has freed up so much time that they have been able to create new, long lasting memories with grandchildren, family and friends. Plus a new tradition was born by having "Big Shot Lights perfectly set up everything"

Custom Fitted - Warm White LED Christmas Lights.

Installing Christmas lights permanently on your house or building - Pros & Cons

Many people contact us each year asking if we can provide, sell and permanently install LED Christmas lights for them. This is something that we can do, however, we always let them know ahead of time the pros and cons of doing this. Here are a few things to consider:


  • Install one time and save money by not having to pay extra labour charges each year
  • You can turn on your lights any time of the year. (ie. - weddings, birthdays etc.)


  • If you use staples they wont take long to start rusting
  • The sun will damage the lights and they will fade much quicker
  • House looks a bit funny with Christmas lights on it year round
  • Exterior cleaning to fascia and inside gutter cleaning is almost impossible without ruining the lights
  • Warranty for Christmas lights is recommended to only use during low UV (winter months), using year round voids any warranty.

Having Big Shot Lights supply, install, store and rent you all the custom fitted and high quality LED lights just makes sense and we would love to get you a quote and let you experience the act of "snapping your fingers" and having all of your exterior Christmas lights installed perfectly. This year let your home be the brightest house on the street.

After you fill out your contact information we will typically respond and either do the quote over Google Earth or come out to visit you and create a design that will fit your budget. Also, make sure to read our FAQ's to hopefully answer any questions that you might have ahead of time. Lets us handle everything this year :)

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