Gutter Baskets installed on your home will "Keep Your Gutters Flowing In Between Cleanings"

The Benefits of Gutter Baskets

It's okay for your gutter system to be full with debris and water, but keeping them flowing properly has always been the challenge. When you install Gutter Baskets you will allow the water to flow through the downspout properly instead of over flowing over the top of the gutter. Plus, the Gutter Basket allows you to skip cleanings which will save you time or money.

The Benefits of Gutter Baskets

Keeping your gutters flowing properly is very important for so many reasons including the proper function of your gutter. When debris finally makes its way inside of the gutter it will typically stay put. Once it starts raining and the water starts flowing towards the downspout, it will cause the debris to shift and move towards the drain and start to build up around the downspout filter. As the water fills up in the gutter it will keep trying to flow down the gutter piping and it will jam mud, dirt, leaves or whatever is inside the gutter into the filter and cause it to plug. Eventually, no water will flow through and the water inside of the gutter will start to build up. At this point the water will start to flow over the gutter at the lowest point of the run. Sometimes this low spot is over the front window of your home, over the deck or it could be right over top of your entranceway path which will leave you dodging the waterfall each time you enter or exit your house.

At first this seems like no big deal and you put off getting up on a ladder to fix the issue. Now a days you can google search companies like Big Shot Pressure Washing and book them in with minimal effort, however, we are all so busy that maybe it ends up being a few weeks or months before you get around to do it.

The truth is that you are causing loads of damage every day you put off cleaning out your gutters and these are the top 5 reasons why it is important to check, maintain and regularly flush out your gutter system and why gutter baskets are so vital to them functioning properly.

1) When gutters overflow they are designed to flow over the gutter and away from the house. Sometimes, in rare circumstances they will actually overflow towards the house and water can enter your home from the ceiling, which most insurance companies will deny your claim and state that "regular maintenance was not performed"

2) The water that drops down on to the ground will land so close to the house that it will not only damage the surrounding landscape but it will also drain directly into the buildings foundation and could eventually cause issues and water could possibly enter your basement.

3) If your gutter system is full of water and muddy debris then it will freeze during the winter months. As temperature drop below zero at night and then warm up during the day, the aluminum gutters will expand and contract which will cause the seals to break. The end result will be corners that leak and drip all day long. If you have ever heard the annoying sound of dripping gutters at night then you will know what we mean.

4) The weight of all the water and debris can cause your gutters to fall right off of your house. All that extra weight will cause the gutters to slouch and eventually they will fall off the facia board or become bent which will cost you even more money to replace or fix.

5) Insects like spiders, mosquitos and bees find your gutters to be a good place to set up shop because you are providing a place for them to find water and flourish. If flies and mosquitos decide that your eavestroughs are a good place to nest or drink water than this will attract spiders. Also, bees love to build nest in areas where there is moss, mud or pine needles as they use this foliage for shelter and protection. An easy fix is to keep the debris out of your gutters regularly so insects find an alternative place to live.

Now let's talk about why adding gutter baskets to your gutter system can help eliminate the majority of these potential issues before they even happen. Keep in mind that you will also want to inspect them often or hire someone to maintain them. By installing our Gutter Baskets you will benefit from the following:
  • Downspout filters that no longer get plugged by debris because the Gutter Basket itself is designed to get plugged while still allowing water to flow through them. They do this because of their clever and simple design which allows the debris to build up around the basket itself, while allowing the water to flow through the top of them. Underneath of the basket the downspout filter remains untouched and will allow proper function.
  • Since the gutters can flow properly this will cause the debris in the gutter to move closer and closer towards the Gutter Basket each day. The benefit of this is on the day you hire someone or alternatively clean out the gutters yourself, it will be much easier to clean them and since it will be easier then theres a good chance they will clean out better as well.
  • The Gutter Baskets also keep small pine needles, mud and pretty much everything except water from flowing through the downspout. The reason that you only want water going through is that all the other stuff could eventually plug up your homes perimeter drain. Often, gutter cleaning companies who lack experience and knowledge will actually use a pressure washer or a hose to flush all of the junk down the downspout. Sure, everything up top looks good but the debris that gets flushed down will increase the chances of the perimeter drain becoming full and plugged. This can be a very expensive fix and could lead to major problems on your homes exterior.

Big Shot Pressure Washing always has Gutter Baskets available to install and each quote that we email that includes gutter cleaning will include a separate line items that will recommend installing Gutter Baskets. They are $25/each which includes installation. The amount of them needed for your home will be determined and discussed while on site the day of the job. You can always count them ahead of time to have an idea of how many of them we will be installing.

To save some money you can even purchase Gutter Baskets ahead of time for $10/each and have us install them. Did you know that we are not only a professional washing and exterior cleaning company but we also have this BIGGEST online store and storefront location in Canada for Pressure Washing, Soft Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Graffiti Removal plus so many other Exterior Cleaning related products for companies and home owners? Well, now you know so take a minute to check out our online store.

Follow this link to visit our sore -

Thank you so much for taking time to read this post and we would love the opportunity to work with you. Remember to always "Keep Your Gutters Flowing Properly"

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