Christmas Light Installation

Supplying the Highest Quality LEDs For The Most Memorable Christmas

From a custom-fit installation, removal and storage, our all-inclusive rental program takes care of it all. We are fully committed to every one of our valued clients as we strive to be the #1 Christmas light installation company in The Fraser Valley & Lower Mainland. We have installed Christmas lights on 100s hundreds of houses, commercial buildings, plus several other unique places and would love to show you why so many people trust us to get the work done right the first time.

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Big Shot Christmas Lights

We Do Lights A Bit Differently

With our Christmas lights, we are able to cut the strands and add connections so they fit perfectly to your property. No more random bulbs tucked away in the gutters or hanging off the side of the house. We even have a full line of magnetic lights that will attach to all metal surfaces for a faster install and avoiding the use of staples or glue. When installing Christmas lights on your gutters we use clips that will allow the lights to face straight out for the brightest look you have ever seen. Plus all the clips stay on the strand when we take them down in January.

What To Expect With A Big Shot Christmas Light Installation

One-On-One With a Lighting Expert

If requested, a highly trained staff member will meet you to discuss your vision in detail while giving you some design suggestions. After that, you will receive a detailed quote laying out your options. Please contact us early to avoid missing out. We only install lights from Nov 1st - Dec 24.

Several Add-Ons & Extras

From fully lit wreaths, garland and even fully assembled Christmas tree packages, we have so many great ideas to make your property look its very best and we provide everything so you can focus on spending quality time with your loved ones or friends in the comfort and safety of your home or business.

Big Shot Expertise

You Dream, We Decorate

All the lights are custom fitted for the best possible look. Our staff is highly trained to ensure your lights are in the proper spot and look great the first time. We take care of everything and are committed to giving you the best experience while working with us. We are your Christmas Light Installation experts and ready to set your place apart this holiday season.


Our trained experts will bring your vision to life and install your lights correctly to match your idea.


When things go wrong, we are there to help with our 24 hour a day text or email program.


We take down your lights and pack them away, so you don’t have to brave the cold outside after Christmas.


When we pack them away, we complete any needed maintenance and have them ready for you to use again the following Christmas.

Spread The Cheer Without The Hassle

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Christmas Lights Projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install Christmas lights?

Yes, we install Christmas lights from Oct, 15th - Dec 24th. We offer a 10% discount to customers who agree to letting us install the lights before Nov 1st and who have paid their 50% deposit. We also offer an additional 5% discount to our repeat Christmas light customers.

What do you mean by "Rental Program"?

What this means is that we will supply all of the LED lights and install them on your property plus provide all the extension cords, clips, timers and everything else needed to get the job done. Instead of purchasing the lights we will instead rent them to you so that you don't need to worry about the upkeep of the lights or storing them. We consider this the "All Inclusive" way to installing lights. After Christmas we will arrange a time for us to show back up, take down all of the lights and safely store them at Big Shot Lights location and have them ready for you the following year if you choose to use the service again. We will also take detailed photos of the lights on your property and "Map" them to ensure they go back up exactly the same next year, no matter which crew we send out to do the work.

Are they custom fitted to my property?

Yes, we always custom fit them to fit your property perfectly. What this means is that when we run the lights along your gutters or on a peak that we will actually cut the line at the end of the peak or gutter and add the proper male or female connections in order to attach it to the next section of where the lights are going. We will then cut the proper length of extension cord and make sure to hide the cord so it is not easily visible. This allows us to place lights exactly where they need to be and gives your property the most professional look possible. This also includes landscape lighting for trees, bushes etc. We are able to run 1 extension cord through all of the trees and bushes and install female outlets at each feature so that a string of lights can be added without having to drape lights from tree to tree. This helps give your property an amazing look that only the pros like us can achieve. The best part is that you get to have all of this while enjoying the season from the comfort of your home.

Do I get to choose the colors and the pattern?

You most definitely do get to choose both the colors and also the pattern. Our most popular color of choice is Warm White because of the traditional look that it gives off. Other colors that we carry are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Cool White. People have been choosing all kinds of different patterns to help set their property apart such as: All WW, All G, All B, All CW, WW-B-B-WW, WW-WW-B-B, R-B-G, R-B-G-Y, R-B-G-Y-WW, G-B-G-B, R-G-WW. The patterns are endless and be sure to check out our gallery above plus our Facebook page for more popular pattern ideas.

Do you put up lights on bushes and trees?

We can put lights up on just about anything and when it comes to bushes and trees please keep in mind that you can use quite a lot of lights very quickly. For lights on a building or structure we charge by the foot, but on a tree or bush we actually charge per strand used. A very small tree can use 5-10 stands of lights and a medium to large tree can easily use 20-50 strands of lights. Our per strand prices range from $35-55 so it does not take long for the price to add up. As well, keep in mind that very large trees often require 1 or 2 aerial lifts for both the set up & the take down of the lights.

Will you install customer provided lights, or lights installed by another professional?

Unfortunately we will not! We only install our lights because we heavily rely on having them installed properly the first time by us and having a detailed map of how they go up year after year. We want to ensure that every Christmas light job we do is up to our very high standards. Also because we only use our own lights we are able to carry all of the extra bulbs, clips, connectors etc that work with the lights that we have.

Do you offer any discounts?

If we get you a quote and you commit to letting us install the lights on your place before Nov 1st then we will give you a 10% "Early Bird" discount. As well, the following year we will give you an additional 5% off for being a "Repeat" Christmas light customer. This means that after the 1st year you can get 15% off the original price.

What are all of the options that you have for installing lights on my property?

We have 3 available options. The most popular option is our "Rental Program" where we supply & install all of the lights and rent everything to you. You pay for the set up, take down, storage and rental all at one time and we take care of everything including any issues that you may have with the lights such as: the wind blowing them down, burnt out bulbs, tripping breakers etc. You simply contact us and we will show back up and take care of it for you and put extra measures in place to avoid the same problem for repeating. Next, we have a "First Time Install Program" where we custom fit all of the lights onto your property and sell you all of the lights, stands, extension cords, clips, timers etc and also take pictures and professionally "Map" the entire project for you so that you can take care of taking them down, storing, replacing bulbs (if needed) and putting them back up each year. This a great option for someone who is comfortable on ladders and handy person work but is maybe a little overwhelmed with the idea of custom fitting the lights for the first time. The last option is a "Permanent Install" which works great for a commercial building that want to add extra light to their property year round. Or for someone who wants to leave the lights up on their home and not have to pay to have them put up & taken down each year.

How long does it usually take?

The time spent installing professional lights on your property can vary depending on the scope of work however, the average front facing side of a typical 3000 sq foot home will take us on average around 5-6 hours the first time plus about 30 minutes to properly "Map" the lights. This is based on 2-3 workers at your property. The following years will take about 25% less time since all of the measurements and maps have already been documented. Also, when we arrive back after Christmas to take the lights down and safely store them, we will usually require about 10% of the time that it took us to install them.

Will you use staples or clips on my property?

That all depends on the exterior features of your property. If there are open gutters without gutter guards than we will use clips that will allow the lights to face straight out, which gives the brightest look. If there are gutter guards we will need to staple the lights facing down or possibly facing out, underneath the gutter on the facia board. If there is no exposed facia board then this becomes very difficult to install Christmas lights on your place. When it comes to peaks we will typically use a shingle tab that will slide in to the shingle and allow the lights to face straight out which again, gives the best look. If we cannot use those shingle tabs or it is a concrete or cedar roof then we will staple the lights to the facia board. When we use clips or shingle tabs they are essentially built into the bulb and when we take them down all the clips will stay on the bulb. This minimizes or eliminates plastic clips from falling on the ground or into your gutters when the lights come down. If we are using staples, we will ensure to pick up any staples that land on the ground when taking down the light by utilizing a magnetic stick. We will also ensure to pull out any leftover staples from your facia board using pliers. This is a nonnegotiable and all of our staff knows to do this each and every job because we don’t want staples stuck in your tires, pets paws or people stepping on them and hurting themselves.

I am afraid that staples left behind may hurt my pets. How do you prevent this from happening?

If we are using staples, we will ensure to pick up any that land on the ground when taking down the lights by simply utilizing a magnetic stick that will quickly collect them. We will also ensure to pull out any leftover staples from your facia board using pliers to prevent them from rusting which would reduce the curb appeal of your property. These steps are nonnegotiable for our company and all of our staff know to do this each and every job because we don’t want staples stuck in your tires, pets paws or people stepping on them and hurting themselves.

Do you install greenery such as fully lit wreaths?

Yes we do! We carry 24", 36" & 60" fully lit wreaths and we are able to rent or sell these items to you. Often people will have us install them way up high in a peak or at a spot that most other property's would not dare to have them placed. This allows your place to really stand out above the other properties in your area.

What if I do not want my lights turned on until after Remembrance Day?

No problem. We can install the lights prior and schedule a visit after Nov, 11th to turn your lights on and set up all the timers. We actually schedule a day ahead of time for 1 crew to go around to all the jobs who have requested this and take care of all of them at the same time.

Can you use the power outlets located in my soffits?

We would rather use the outlets on the ground level that are easy to access. The reason for this is that if the power ever goes out, we would rather be working on the ground level, instead of needing to climb onto the roof to reset the timers. Also, soffit lights are usually connected to a light switch inside of the home near the front door and often when you get home and reach for the lights you will end up turning off the power to a soffit outlet that is powering a timer. The best way to prevent these issues from arising is to plug the timer in an easy to reach area and make sure to hide all of the extension cords leading to it. We consider ourselves to be "Extension Cord Ninjas"

Do you offer FREE callbacks if there are issues with the lights?

Yes we do offer FREE callbacks if there are issues with the lights. This includes but is not limited to: burnt out bulbs, dead strands of wires, tripped breakers, faulty timers etc. However, if there are issues that keep arising due to the customer: adding more lights to an area that is already maxed out for power consumption which causes the breaker to trip, the lights are being pulled down on purpose or timers being adjusted etc. than we may decide to collect a call back fee for the time it takes us to fix the issue. Most of the time the issue can be fixed quickly and measures can be put in place to eliminate the problem going forward. If there is an issue you can call or email our office 24 hrs a day and we will promptly take care of it for you, even on Christmas Day.