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Trust Big Shot to identify the type of surface and then execute the safest and most effective method of cleaning plus be available year after year to keep your investments looking great. Each one of our highly trained employees will follow a step by step process to ensure your deck washing and deck cleaning job is a success the first time. We can handle any type of deck and we are able to clean the deck at your house or 100’s of them located at a commercial building or a strata complex. Find out why so many people trust Big Shot for all of their deck cleaning needs.

Professional Deck Cleaning & Soft-Washing

Does Your Deck Need Restoring?

We soft wash all types of decks. Whether your deck is made up of some type of wood, vinyl, concrete or any other type of deck that we have in the Fraser Valley or Lower Mainland, Big Shot has the experience and knowledge of how to safely clean it according to the manufacture or builders specification. We do not recommend using high pressure as this not only increases the risk of immediate damage but it also wears down the surface and shortens its life span. When we talk about soft washing, what we mean is that we will apply the proper detergents, let them dwell for a certain amount of time, agitate if needed and then perform a high volume/low pressure rinse with or without hot water. This will ensure a perfect clean and will leave your deck looking new and ready to enjoy with friends and family.

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Vinyl and Cedar Deck Washing

Can We Wash Your Deck?

The two most common types of decks that we see here in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland are Vinyl and Cedar decks and they each require specific cleaning processes. Vinyl Decks are the most common type of surface and require a detergent to be applied to the surface and then rinsed with no more than 500 PSI. Typically our vinyl deck washing quotes will also include all of the railings plus any stairs attached to the deck. Cedar decks require much more attention as they are very easy to scar or leave unwanted lines on the surface. After the washing is done on your cedar surface, we will apply a mild acid that acts as a neutralizer and a brightener. This will leave your wood deck 100% ready to be sealed, stained or even painted.

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The Big Shot Guarantee

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or a property manager, you will benefit from reliable service that caters to your properties specific cleaning needs. Our team is prompt, professional and always ready to get the job done properly.

Professional Soft-Wash methods to remove algae and mildew

Long lasting results that brighten and restore your home

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products

Window Cleaning

We can clean windows ups to 4 stories without the use of expensive Ariel lifts.

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Snow Removal & Salting

Our team ensures that your commercial property gets that attention that it needs. 

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House Washing

Our effective Soft Washing services help ensure proper function and longevity of the exterior of your home.

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