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To help our clients brave through unpredictable Canadian winters, we take our Langley snow removal services very seriously. We have a dedicated team and the necessary equipment needed to be prepared for any winter events that may happen. We keep an eye on weather patterns so you can sleep well. Our salting & snow removal in Langley, Aldergrove, Port Kells & Surrey, B.C provide you with peace of mind that your property is being taken care of in a professional and responsive manner.

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What To Expect With Langley Snow Removal Services

After an initial property examination, we will send you a detailed quote that breaks down the price between our snow removal & salting services. If you are happy with the price we will work together to complete, a non-binding contract. This means that we agree to monitor your site but you can cancel the service anytime, no questions asked. Once the cold weather and snow arrive we will take the necessary steps to ensure the safest environment possible. We are 100% transparent and work hard to build a long-lasting relationship. We are a home service-based business and we understand what it takes to provide exceptional customer service.

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If salting is necessary, a highly trained staff member will perform that task and document what work was completed. It's important that your property is safe for anyone who passes through 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. We constantly monitor your site and document everything.

Customer Support

Our office staff is always available when you need us. All concerns will be sent directly to our field staff and we will address the issue right away. We understand that snow storms are inconvenient and we do what we can to reduce any stress it can cause.

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Snow & Cold Management You Can Trust

We custom-tailor the contract to your individual needs. Most contracts are set to: plow after 2” of snowfall and salt when temperatures are expected to go down to 0 degrees or colder at some point in the day and moisture is present. We only provide these services when deemed necessary. We offer Langley snow removal & salting services in other cities such as Aldergrove, Port Kells & Surrey. We guarantee 24-hour-a-day snow clearing and de-icing. We work with a large variety of Langley property types including Shopping malls, strip malls, commercial properties, strata & townhome complexes, warehouses, city sidewalks, driving lanes, stairs plus so much more. 

Honest & Reliable

We have the experience to know when and what is needed for all situations. We have around 200 - 5 Star Google & Facebook reviews that shows that we know what we are doing and take great pride in our work. Let us brave the cold this year!

Constant Monitoring

We track and monitor the weather year-round so you don’t have to. Detailed reports are made each time we check your site during the winter months. When the snow & cold hits we are always ready to go and deliver every time.

Plan & Execute

Being organized is important. We can work with you to explain the entire process. Getting a quote from us usually happens in less than 24hrs and we can get a contract made up quickly to protect your property from expensive lawsuits.

No Excuses

We are always ready with people in place and the equipment to get the Langley snow removal job done right the first time. Safety is very important and Snow Plowing & Salt applications need to be executed in a timely manner. 

Prepare For The Better Winter Has Arrived

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Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t like it when snow removal crews show up really late because it wakes everyone up.

Unfortunately, we cannot predict when the snow will fall and we cannot be everywhere at once. Snow storms are inconvenient for everyone and we do our best to go places where people actually live at the best possible time. With everyone having different sleep schedules we already know that it will disturb somebody. Blame mother nature, not us!

We would like it if Big Shot cleared the snow but let us do the salting.

Unfortunately this will not work due to insurance policies that are beyond our control. If we plow it we need to also salt it in order to protect everyone from lawsuits. We are willing to take responsibility for your property 100%

We would like Big Shot to come in each snowfall at 5am to have it ready for 7am

Again, this is not practical. We do have different level of priority for different places though. For places like daycares, hospitals or any other super sensitive places we can discuss a specific plan that accommodates your needs.

If its really cold but mostly dry we don’t want Big Shot to put down salt. We also do not want salt down if its negative numbers in the middle of the night when people are sleeping or the business is closed anyway

If there is arctic air present but mostly dry it is very important to have a layer of salt down in the event that any moisture shows up unexpected. If no salt is present it would only take minutes to have a sheet of ice. Typically in really cold events the salt will last a week depending on the daily traffic. In that case we would only re-apply salt to the high traffic areas at a discounted price. If the temperature is only cold after hours it is still important to protect your property from liability issues from visitors or people just passing through. You are protecting your property for everyones needs.