Don’t Replace Your Roof, Restore It Instead

Many local establishments and homeowners benefit from our reliable Roof Washing services. We only Soft Wash roofs and we typically use a hybrid method that will safely remove moss, algae, and mold while increasing your roof’s lifespan. Hybrid method simply means we will brush off the heavy moss, leaf blow it into the gutters, clean out the gutters and then spray the entire roof with a detergent that will kill all of the organic matter. At this point we can leave the rinsing to mother nature as we get an abundance of rain fall here on the West Coast. This will save time and 100s of gallons of water from being used to rinse. In fact, leaving the detergent on the roof and letting the rain wash it away will give your roof a much deeper clean and will help it stay moss & algae free for a longer period of time. Also, for your peace of mind, anytime we perform work on the roof, we are fully harnessed for everybody safety. We also use ladders equipped with standoffs to protect the outside face of your gutters from being damaged. We are in good standing order with WCB and carry $5,000,000 property damage liability which is above and beyond the required amount.

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We Guarantee Our Work

After your roof has been certified Soft Washed, we will provide you with a 2 year-moss free guarantee certificate. This certificate will be emailed to you and it is interchangeable between property owners. This means that if you are selling your home or decide to later on, then the new owners can still take advantage of the guarantee. 3 years after the initial Roof Soft Wash we will automatically email you, letting you know that it may be a good time to “Re-Spray” your roof to keep up with regular maintenance. This services will typically be 55% less expensive then the 1st service and you will get an updated guarantee. Going forward, your roof will never have the chance to get dirty again. Remember, we are not practicing on your roof and we know exactly what needs to be done to ensure a perfect clean. We have safely cleaned 100s of roofs in the Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley.

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The Big Shot Guarantee

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, you will benefit from prompt servicing catering to your property's specific cleaning needs. Our experts are prompt, professional and always get the job done.

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Effectively remove all moss, mold, algae & mildew

Receive 2-year moss, mildew & algae-free roof warranty

Window Cleaning

We can clean windows ups to 4 stories without the use of expensive Ariel lifts.

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Snow Removal & Salting

Our team ensures that your commercial property gets that attention that it needs.

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House Washing

Our effective Soft Washing services help ensure proper function and longevity of the exterior of your home.

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