Benefit From Unmatched Disinfecting Services

After an initial in-person property examination, we begin work using a hospital-grade disinfectant on all surfaces to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in minutes. Several landlords, Airbnb hosts, and businesses enjoy our comprehensive cleaning solutions.

Big Shot Sanitizing

What To Expect When We Arrive

We highly recommend that you complete a deep clean before our arrival. Set aside loose paper and secure all small items in your home or business. It is also recommended you cover all electronics with a towel. If you have pets, we recommend leashing them outside, even though our disinfectant is safe to use around people & pets.

High-Quality, Skin & Pet Safe Hospital Grade Disinfectant

For all sanitizing projects, we use an environmentally friendly, hospital-grade disinfectant that does not contain chemicals that can cause you or the planet harm. By spraying Vital Oxide on all of your surfaces, you can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in minutes without chemical-induced damage.

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Knowing The Difference, Can Make A Difference

Our high-quality work and service is achieved through customer education and empowering our clients with the tools to make better long-term decisions for their properties.


Cleaning removes visible unwanted substances, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities, from a surface. This is recommended before sanitizing surfaces.


This process lowers the number of germs on a surface by killing them or removing them—to a safe level, according to Canadian public health standards.


The process of disinfecting kills most viruses and bacteria in the air or on a surface. Vital Oxide is proven to kill Covid-19

Your Property Might Need A Long Overdue Wash

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What Our Clients Have Said

Reliable, on time, professional yet friendly. Great job at a very reasonable price. Have used this company a few times & very happy with their work ethics!

Callie McHardy

What Our Clients Have Said

I was scrambling to find last minute siding, window and roof cleaning for our home, and Big Shot was able to help us out and get the job done in time! They did an amazing job, they were super fast, super friendly and super professional. We definitely recommend their services!

C Hughes

What Our Clients Have Said

Big Shot Pressure Washing was super friendly and very helpful when they came to clean our gutters! They helped point out a couple spots on the roof that need mending while they were here, we are grateful ! Thank you again.

Cyrene Jackson

What Our Clients Have Said

A great job. And when we had a question about one thing they followed it up in a very professional and personal way. This was our second time using them and we will use them again in the future.

Andrew Van der Leek